My intention is to assist others in feeling more fulfilled and less alone.  I trained in Counselling and Psychotherapy (DipCoun., BCoun.) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.  In clinical practice at Aspire Health and Psychology I collaborated with resident practitioners in their holistic approach to psychotherapy.  I worked with individual cases relating to a broad range of issues often connected to questions of identity, post-traumatic growth and grief surrounding the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or the end of a relationship with a focus on emotional processing, instilling self-awareness and navigating life transitions.  


I have worked within the social sector of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and with young adults who have been detained in custody at Parkville College Melbourne.  I retain a deep respect for and engagement in the arts with extensive training in ballet and singing, contributing to a ballet teaching project with underprivileged adolescents in Rio de Janeiro.  I am a committed songwriter and interested in how creative expression and artistic mediums can work alongside themes being explored in psychotherapy.

In 2020, I moved from Melbourne to participate within the Scottish psychotherapy field in Edinburgh.  I hold a particular interest in mourning rituals within western culture and how they impact grieving process, vitality and identity.  I am a practicing member of BACP.