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Services & What To Expect


I provide individual therapy for young adults and adults in Edinburgh, within short and long-term timeframes, dependant on what is required.  Ultimately, I work with individuals who are searching for a different kind of connection with themselves.  My guiding principles are collaborative patience, compassion, courage and commitment, from which intentions for the work can be met. I use an integration of therapies and methods, creating a new therapy model for each individual, determined by their nature, willingness for change and what the therapeutic process unearths.


I provide an environment in which the parts of a person that are rarely seen by others but fundamental to how they interact with their lives, can be freely explored.  I combine empathy and instinct whilst challenging dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours through honest questions and perceptions.  I work to instil self-awareness, using a holistic approach to all cases and the foundation of my work is based on movement towards recovery.



Core Methods

Existential  |  Exploration to establish meaning, purpose and value systems in life and relationships

Psychoeducation | Develop understanding in mental health and wellbeing, clarifying ways to cope and thrive

Psychodynamic |  Examine the past to understand how it effects present beliefs and behaviour

Psychosomatic Awareness  |  Unify the body with the mind to process and experience difficult emotions: develop self-awareness, create physiologic change, enlighten decision making processes to determine future action

Attachment  |  Understand how early relationships shape current relational patterns

Solution Focused  |  Draw on established character strength, resource and ability as a way to move forward 

Creative Arts |  Integrate artistic mediums to further articulate and process emotional states 

Cognitive Behavioural  |  Challenge dysfunctional thought processes to reconstruct cognitive patterns, regulate emotion and improve coping strategies

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